Industrial steamers- What’s Needed

steam cleanerMany factors contribute to a good steam cleaner they are firstly the durability of the product. Durable boilers are heat tolerant and less prone to wear and tear. Boilers that are self cleaning are corrosion resistant, due to the lack of sedimentation and scales. They also require less maintenance.

When you are cleaning commercial areas, you cannot afford frequent breaks. Traditional steam cleaning machines were very inefficient, due to unstable boiler pressure and frequent need to refill the boiler. Many latest steam cleaning equipment are able to maintain steady boiler temperature and pressure.

steam-cleanerf13One way to achieve this is to refill the boiler while the machine is still in use, eliminating the need to stop the machine, depressurize the boiler, and refill it. Continuous-refill works by adding water to a water chamber, which feeds the boiler when the boiler’s water level drops to a certain level.

When the water chamber is empty, the user adds water and the system restarts automatically. Since the boiler still contains a good level of super-heated water, the merging of cooler water from the water chamber will not drop the boiler’s water temperature.


What You Need To Know About Industrial steam cleaners

steam-cleanerGood for the environment, your pocketbook, and your health. A steam cleaner can also be used on almost every surface – reducing the need to carry around multiple pieces of equipment to complete your cleaning routing.

Difference between Residential and Industrial Steam Cleaners

f20Industrial Steam Cleaners are similar to residential models, but are built to withstand the stresses of heavy use. This means that they are constructed from longer-lasting materials that will be less prone to breakage. Most also feature the ability to continuously refill the water receptacle, so that you do not need to take a break from cleaning to add more water.

steam cleanerIndustrial versions also heat water to a higher temperature than residential models, ensuring that even if you are cleaning a commercial kitchen, all of the bacteria will be killed and you will be left with a sanitized surface. The trade off is that Industrial Steam Cleaners come with a higher price tag than residential models.

Top Brands Some of the most reputable brands of Industrial Steam Cleaners are Clean fix, Euro steam, and Vapor Jet. Each has models to suit a wide variety of needs. Expect to pay $2,000 or up for a good model. Be sure to consider what you will be using the steam cleaner for.